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Who am I?

So, you’re probably thinking who am I and why am I starting a blog based on such a niche subject such as PR, right? Well, let me introduce myself. My name is Ellie Jones and I am 20 years old from the beautiful city of Liverpool studying Business and Public Relations in John Moore’s University.

I have lived in Liverpool all my life but never the BIG city and in September I finally moved here! The experience so far is still surreal but I wake up so grateful that this is my life now. I can’t wait to share what I get up to. I know it’s always recommended to move from your hometown in your 20’s but I can’t part from Lpool just yet!

The purpose of my blog is to educate others on the Public Relations industry and teach myself some tricks of the trade along the way. I want my blog to be a space where you don’t even have to be interested in PR, as I want to share experiences of being a student and life as a 20-year-old! Little me in a big city makes me feel like such a main character (which I am) so I am having some fun with it by making this.

The best sunsets are at the Albert Dock!

My whole life I have never knew what I wanted to do with my future, I still don’t to this day but at least I am in the right direction doing something that actually interests me. This is why making this blog is very important to me as this is kick starting my crazy journey and I am taking you along with me!

I am only 20 years old but believe it or not since I was really young I have always had my career on the brain, but not a clue what I was going to do. I have tried SO much in this time from wanting to be a nurse to a fashion designer to even a dancer (no I cant dance one bit) and the list goes on.

I had a semester doing fashion design before deciding that was not the career for me. However, trying things and failing is completely normal and teaches you A LOT about yourself. So, after all that experience here I am studying business with PR. I feel like this is the one that will stick. It has to, right?

Starting a blog has been very daunting to me as I am wanting to create the best I can, but how am I going to get anywhere without starting? This is why I am diving head first and going for it because the only thing stopping me from learning is myself.

I am wanting this to be a place of educating others but also sharing some more personal things that happen to me throughout my student life, because what’s a blog without spilling a little bit of tea! An educational journal shall we call it? Having experience on 2 degree courses makes me a bit of a pro on student experience!

So, on that note, WELCOME to Ellie Jones PR.


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